Collaborative Research Projects


The Committee on Research will be seeking research that supports collaboration. We therefore encourage proposals from faculty who propose research with one other colleague. Collaborative research may consists of projects, activities, or scholarly works where two or more investigators work together towards a unified, focused, and well-integrated outcome that could not be accomplished by working individually. Successful collaborations build on complementary, synergistic, and catalytic skills and expertise.

In particular, we welcome proposals that involve cross divisional collaborations although other forms of collaboration are also possible. If you’d like to be considered for the additional seed funding associated with collaboration, please indicate this on your proposal. All COR proposals will be adjudicated together. If your collaboration-related proposal is awarded and you are allocated matching funds, COR will request a revised budget for your project stating what additional research will be conducted, and how the additional money will be spent. 

Please note, the committee will request a short report on lesson learned from awarded proposals to help further enhance collaborative efforts on campus. There will also be opportunity to work with the Office of Research’s Research Development Director Audrey Levine.